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This girls response to an angry bus driver is a lesson to us all

One mum taught her teenage daughter to respond with empathy and kindness to rude people

We've all been there - your child comes home crying from school because a teacher yelled at them in front of the class and the rage bubbles up inside your chest like no tomorrow.

Of course, children need discipline - but sometimes, adults in a position of power can take it too far with your precious little'uns.

The desire to rush into school with a letter of complaint can sometimes by overwhelming - but one mum taught her daughter to react in a totally different way.

Lexi and her mum Holly (Credit: Facebook/ Holly Wright

Holly Wright, from Texas, USA, spoke to the Love What Matters Facebook page about a day when her 14-year-old daughter got off the school bus in tears.

Her daughter, Lexi, had explained to her how the bus driver had told her off for not sitting properly in her seat as she was sitting on her knees and braiding her friends hair.

But this wasn't an ordinary telling off - the bus actually went out of her way to stop in the middle of the bus route home and "yell" at Lexi for about ten miutes, leaving her humiliated in front of her school friends and with tears in her eyes.

The mum and daughter duo are very close (Credit: Facebook/ Holly Wright)

According to the post, the woman "continued to tear down Lexi in anger with unnecessary words and her delivery was completely uncalled for."

Holly, who describes herself as a Christian woman in the post, added that she had chosen "not to share the things the bus driver said, but that it was completely uncalled for."

She wrote that it would be "considered 'normal' for me to want to protect her and come to her defence."

Well, all mums will relate to that - religious or not!

Like all good parents would do, she and Lexi discussed the importance of sitting properly on the bus, but instead of flying into a rage and threatening to sue the bus driving company and the school like some of us may have wanted to do, the mum tried a different approach.

She asked her daughter: "Lexi, want to do something radical?" to which Lexi readily agreed.

She continued: "How about you respond to your bus driver with love because she clearly was lacking it today! All she knew to dish out was anger and frustration.

"How about, tomorrow morning, you present her with freshly baked cookies and a hug!"

Holly with her children (Credit: Facebook/ Holly Wright)

Lexi quickly got on board with the plan, and took the cookies to the bus driver the next morning.

The driver apparently "sat there in disbelief", not quite believing that this was how the child was responding to her unwarranted outburst.

Holly wrote: "The driver knew in her heart of hearts that she over-reacted in pure anger and foolishness. Yet Lexi humbly came to her, with love.

"Trust me when I say those cookies spoke a million words!"

The two even shared a hug to bury the hatchet.

That's one way to do it!

WOW - do you think Lexi's mum was right to respond in this way? What would YOU have done in this situation? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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