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Mum shares photos of her 5-year-old son wearing a dress to encourage more parents to be open-minded

Crystal Kells lets her five-year-old son Cian dress himself in whatever he wants every day - and what he wants is a dress!

A lot of parents might be concerned with bringing their children up to fit in with how society sees them.

They might encourage their sons to play with Action Men and cars, and their daughters to play with Barbies and other dolls.

But one mum is choosing to bring up her son free from gender bias - and lets him wear dresses on a near-daily basis.

Crystal and Cian are super close (Credit: Kells Natural Photography)

Crystal Kells, a photographer, and her husband Brian, from Ontario in Canada, allow five-year-old Cian to choose his own clothes every morning.

She has said that 99% of the time, the little lad will choose a dress himself as he simply prefers them!

We must say, we think Cian looks ever so cute in his outfits.

He even has an adorable little ballet dress! (Credit: Kells Natural Photography)

This is his favourite dress - we think it's ours too! (Credit: Kells Natural Photography)

In a blog post, Crystal explained what inspired them to approach parenting in this way: "I want my son to grow up knowing he has a voice. Grow up knowing he can do and be ANYTHING he wants to be in this world. Grow up having the confidence to express himself. Grow up being able to LOVE himself.

"We've never taught it to him 'This is for girls and this is for boys' and we never will. Why should we? What difference does it ACTUALLY make?"

Cian doesn't ALWAYS wear dresses - here with dad Brian (Credit: Kells Natural Photography)

Crystal added in the blog that his gender doesn't stop him from doing certain things: "He doesn’t use his penis to be able to wear a dress, nor does he use his penis to operate the dolls and cars he plays with.

"His gender does not dictate what he should wear or what he should play with because he does not use his gender to operate or use it."

N'aww he's melting our hearts (Credit: Kells Natural Photography)

She wrote that she did not expect everyone to agree with her, but that she did expect basic human respect: "I am indifferent if you agree with what I'm encouraging my son to do with expressing himself. I'm aware that it's unconventional. I don't expect you to agree.

"What I DO expect is respect. What I DO expect is not to be treated like I'm abusing my son. What I DO expect is for people to see that my son is HAPPY and realise that that is all that matters at the end of the day."

We asked Crystal how she felt about the reaction so far: "I feel great about the response so far! Of course, there are some overwhelmingly negative comments on some of the other articles and on my blog, but I just disregard them or laugh at just how ludicrous they are!

"But I'm so happy to see some many people TALKING about this! And I celebrate the comments and reactions from the people who are positive and understand the message."

We love Crystal's empowering words!

Would you be happy for your son to wear dresses? Do you think has an impact on them at all? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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