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Mum-of-eight is planning to spend her benefits money on buying a HORSE

Mum-of-eight Marie Buchan has announced that she plans to use her benefits money to treat herself to a horse

Marie Buchan is now rather well-known in the UK.

But not exactly for very good reason.

First, the self-proclaimed "Benefits Queen" came to our attention when she proudly boasted that she and her eight children were living comfortably off their £26,000-a-year benefits paid for by UK taxpayers.

Then she publicly whinged about the benefits system being capped at £26,000.

THEN she announced that she was going to use her benefits to pay for a boob job.

Marie spoke out about her new plans to spend her benefits money (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

And she's NOW stated on This Morning that she's going to treat her and her children to a new pet.

But not a goldfish or a puppy.


Possibly the most expensive of pets. If they can even be classed as pets?!

Marie revealed that her kids were not exactly happy with her choice of pet, but that it had "always been a dream" - adding that she's already bought some of the necessary equipment for a horse.

WATCH: Marie Buchan on This Morning last November

Ruth Langsford, who is stepping in for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield with her husband Eamonn Holmes whilst the two regular presenters have the summer off, became rather agitated by Marie's attitude, branding her as "selfish".

The 35-year-old also clarified to Eamonn that she'd "gone off" the idea of a boob job, to which the Irishman retorted that she might go off the horse too.

He then said: "Benefits are not there to embellish or enhance your life, they're there to provide the basics for you and your children."

Marie said that she didn't see it as doing something "wrong", claiming that the money that was going on the horse was from money she'd saved from working.

But after Marie revealed that she'd had to take time off from her job as a carer due to dealing with depression, she said she was "struggling" to juggle everything that was going on.

Marie with her eight children (Credit: ITV/ This Morning)

Ruth couldn't help herself and burst out: "Everyone is juggling!", asking her why she wouldn't just spend her money on her eight children and trying to make her see that horses are actually quite expensive.

But Marie couldn't be swayed, and sai: "I've thought of it all, but I'm still focused. I'm doing it. If it all goes downhill then I've only got myself to blame."

Ruth later asked Marie how she could justify the cost of a horse and wondered whether she was saying these things to be deliberately controversial.

Marie later said she was "desperate" to get back to work but that she was being "stopped" from working until her medication for anti-depressants kick in.

She also blasted people who were "born with a silver spoon in their mouths" as judgemental and looking down on her.

Some viewers were NOT happy.

But others defended her, saying it was her own choice.


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