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Mummy blogger shares epic list of all the things she wishes she'd known about being a mum

A Cornwall mum's Facebook post about the difficulties of first-time motherhood has gone viral

Having a baby for the first time is a massive deal. Feeling overwhelmed, confused, and generally freaked out by it all is natural, but it's true that you don't know what it'll be like until it happens.

One mum took to Facebook to share everything she'd learned since having her first child. Gylisa Jayne, a blogger from Cornwall, wrote that "There has [sic] been countless moments during my first year of motherhood, when I have thought 'why did no one tell me about this...!'"

Things she's learned since having her first baby, a daughter, include "that it's perfectly fine to admit you didn't 'love' your baby when it was fresh from the minge and being thrust at you" and that "breastfeeding DOES F*G HURT!"

Her honesty resonated with hundreds of other mums, and the post has been shared almost 67,000 times.

"This is seriously accurate! Bless us mothers," wrote one commenter.

"I'm only 7 months out and some of this stuff is still very much there with me even now but the good thing is every mom goes thru them and we are not alone!!! Love you!!! [sic]," said another.

Another said the post was "so funny and true, loved it!"

Some of the things Gylisa's had trouble adjusting to are "really, honestly NEVER be[ing] alone again. This includes s**g, showering and shaving!" and the fact that "having a baby might make me hate my husband sometimes."

But at the end of the post, she assures any other new mums that "it's worth it".

Alongside the post, she uploaded a picture of her trying to shave her legs in the shower while her toddler stands below her, in a scene that'll probably be familiar to a lot of mums who long for a moment's alone time.

Since posting her thoughts, Gylisa says she's been overwhelmed with people telling her how much they resonated.

"I'm so overwhelmed," she wrote in a subsequent post. "The response to my words has been honestly incredible - and it's STILL going...! [sic]

"We get told so often that mums are quick to judge and shame other mums but I can see that that is such a small minority.

"You are all here for each other."

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