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Mum of 'UK's most pampered twins': 'My one-year-old twins have etiquette lessons- so they can marry royalty'

Louise Hill grew up in a council house but has spent a staggering £100,000 on her toddlers in her bid to make sure they enjoy a very regal life of luxury.

Louise Hill makes no secret of the fact she wants nothing but the best for her children. She openly calls them the most pampered twins and it's not an idle boast.

The mum-of-two has spent a staggering £100,000 on them already- splashing out on designer clothes, diamond bracelets, Swarovski crystal feeding bottles and a teddy bear collection worth thousands.

But Louise's future plans are far loftier- she thinks 17-month-old Jacob and Isabella should have the 'best' spouses, and that means marrying royalty- specifically Prince George and Princess Charlotte- and alrady calls them Princess Isabella and Prince Jacob.

Louise spoils her children with gifts Louise and husband Dan spoil their children with gifts (photo: Michael Leckie)

To help them on their way, they started etiquette lessons just two weeks after their first birthdays, at a cost of £160 a week, meaning she's already forked out a staggering £3,200 on them.

Louise, 36, explains: "I need to give them every opportunity and after watching My Fair Lady I got the idea to get them etiquette lessons. They learn elocution, so they will speak like the royals. They don't know many words yet, but the ones they do know they say very nicely- like eyes, nose and mouth.

"I think Jacob is a little gentleman already- he's very kind to his sister."

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