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Woman gives birth ten weeks early during FLIGHT at 42,000ft

A woman went into labour ten weeks premature on a Turkish Airlines flight and gave birth at 42,000ft to a baby girl

Most pregnant women have meticulously planned every single detail around when it comes to giving birth - from what what will go into their overnight bag to having an emergency taxi number on speed dial.

But for one woman, any birth planning she'd done went out of the window when she went into labour whilst travelling on a PLANE at 42,000ft.

Nafi Diaby gave birth to baby Kadiju at 42,000ft (Credit: Getty Images | Turkish Airlines/ Handout)

Baby Kadiju was born during the two-hour ten-minute flight (Credit: Getty Images | Turkish Airlines/ Handout)

Nafi Diaby, who was travelling from Conakry in Guinea to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, was 28 weeks pregnant when she boarded the plane last week.

But when she started to experience labour pains on the flight, the cabin crew were forced to become temporary midwives and helped the woman to give birth over the course of the two-hour ten-minute flight.

The Turkish Airline crew acted as midwives for Nafi (Credit: Getty Images | Turkish Airlines/ Handout)

The crew looked elated after the baby's birth (Credit: Getty Images | Turkish Airlines/ Handout)

Although the little girl, who Nafi named Kadiju, was born around ten weeks early, they were both taken to hospital immediately for observation and are both said to be doing well, according to Turkish Airlines.

It has also been said that the airline have granted the little girl free flights for life.

One air hostess looks lovingly at the child (Credit: Getty Images | Turkish Airlines/ Handout)

The Turkish Airlines Twitter page posted this adorable photo (Credit: Twitter/ Turkish Airlines)

For some airlines, 28 weeks is the absolute maximum that they will allow a pregnant woman to travel, and some Twitter users found this to be a little suspicious.

One Twitter user commented on Turkish Airlines' tweet announcing the birth: "Is it me or does that baby look full term and not 28 weeks?!"

Another wrote: "Maybe slightly out on her dates?? That baby looks like it's 38 weeks not 28 weeks! Hmmm."

One user even branded the airline "liars", writing: "Liars. That's not a 28-weeks-gestation baby."


Some Twitter users think that baby Kadiju was a little more than 28-weeks (Credit: Getty Images | Turkish Airlines/ Handout)

We're happy that mother and baby are well.

Have you or a loved one ever given birth somewhere unexpected? We'd love to hear your story - let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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