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Pimmsgate: the moment a grandma mistakes Pimms for confetti

In possibly one of the funniest (and most awkward) videos ever, a grandmother accidently mistakes her glass of Pimm's for confetti and throws it all over the bride.

The happy and newly married couple Darren and Jennifer Nock graced the red carpet at their marriage reception in Cornwall to be cheered by fellow guests and showered in confetti.

But Mrs Nock’s grandmother, in a moment of confusion, threw her glass of Pimm’s straight at her granddaughter, mistaking it for the confetti held in her other hand.

The cheering dies down as guests put their hands to their mouths in horror, whilst the bride turns away to try and clean up the mess and remove fruit which went in her eye.

The bride explained:

'We'd just turned up to have drinks and canapés and we weren’t allowed to have confetti in the church, so we were having it there. We were just coming out prior to the photos.’

‘My lovely grandma got the drink and the confetti mixed up. One of my bridesmaids said: “Oh grandma it's okay. My reaction was the shock of having something thrown in my face - I wear contact lenses.’

'I couldn’t have cared about the dress. It didn't ruin the day at all. Grandma stayed out for the full day - and it helped the wedding because not everyone knew each other, and it got everyone talking.’

Once she realised her mistake Mrs Nock’s grandmother gets understandably upset, but the groom and other guests quickly surround her and comfort her.

There’s even a second video that shows the bride kissing her grandmother to reassure viewers that no harm was done.

Granny even gets a second chance at throwing confetti!

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