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Sex dieter mum ‘
I’ve lost two stone having orgasms!’

Gaynor Evans has swapped yo-yo dieting for ‘oh-oh’ dieting and says orgasms have helped her drop a dress size

Mum-of-four Gaynor Evans spent years trying fad diets, but the key to her weight loss turned out to be something much more enjoyable – orgasms!

The 53-year-old lost weight after splitting from her husband in 2011 by having energetic sex sessions with younger men.

But she noticed that going without sex for a few weeks made her gain weight, so she researched sex and weight and found orgasms burn off up to 100 calories and release hormones that stop you feeling hungry.

Now the recruitment manager has lost 2st and dropped from a size 18 to a 14 thanks to saucy sessions.

Gaynor, from Enfield, north London – who’s 5ft 8 and now 13st – says: “It’s the best diet ever. If I fancy a biscuit, I’ll have an orgasm instead – it’s more enjoyable and burns calories.

“I try to climax at least once a day. I want to make sure the weight stays off. I’ve got a big sexual appetite and have had sex with a partner up to seven times in one day. But, when I’m alone, I make do with just one orgasm because it’s not as fun! I’m single, but I meet up with a 24-year-old guy I met at the local wine bar for quickies. I highly recommend the orgasm diet!”

Gaynor – whose children are aged 22 to 35 – has always battled with her weight after a series of yo-yo diets and, by the time her marriage ended in 2011, she was 15st and a size 18.

She says: “I’ve always been big and struggled to lose my baby weight. I had a sweet tooth and comfort-ate. I yo-yoed between 12st and 15st and tried everything – from Slimming World to just eating boiled eggs and fruit. I even took slimming pills, but the weight always piled back on. Towards the end, my sex life with my husband dwindled and I rarely orgasmed.”

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Gaynor got divorced in 2011 and threw herself into dating. She says: “It felt like a new lease of life. I started going to clubs and having one-night stands with men in their 20s. It was liberating. The sessions were so energetic.”

Shortly after her divorce, Gaynor met a 24-year-old man through a toyboy dating site. And she soon discovered sex with him was helping her lose weight.

She says: “After six months, I’d lost half a stone. I realised it must have been all the sex – I got such a buzz from it, I never fancied eating junk food. When he was away, I noticed I felt sluggish and the weight crept back on, so I researched orgasms online and discovered they burn calories and release endorphins, the body’s happy hormones.

It’s no wonder I was losing weight – sex was giving me the same high as chocolate and cake, but without the calories.”

'If I feel stressed and fancy cake, I masturbate instead. Occasionally, I’ll go home from work to do it in my lunch hour!'

When Gaynor split with her toyboy after he moved away, she was keen to keep losing weight, so she continued having regular orgasms. She says: “I noticed as long as I orgasmed or had sex regularly, my weight continued to drop. I try to have one orgasm a day and even if I can’t meet with my new man, I never go more than two days without one.

“If I feel stressed and fancy cake, I masturbate instead. Occasionally, I’ll go home from work to do it in my lunch hour! I get a better high from that than from junk food.”

And Gaynor – who doesn’t use sex toys and always practises safe sex – hopes her unusual diet will help her shed more pounds, saying: “I’d like to get down to 12st and a size 14.

“My friends wonder where I get the energy from! I’m open about it with my daughters too – they think it’s great. I’m so glad I realised orgasms can help you slim – who wants to spend their life counting calories? The orgasm diet’s much more fun!”

Dr Carina Norris says: “Studies show that an orgasm can burn between 60 to 100 calories, and sex with a partner can burn up to 150 calories per half hour. Orgasms release adrenaline, which increases your metabolic rate and speeds up your heart rate, so you burn calories. Climaxing also triggers a rush of endorphins – the body’s pleasure hormones – which can curb your appetite.”

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