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Mum posts honest pic of her celulite after Instagram followers praise her perfect legs

This mum posted a photo of her cellulite after social media fans praised her "lovely legs"

We've all heard it a hundred times before - but it's always worth reminding ourselves that social media is very rarely "real".

Whilst a lot of Instagram profiles are full to the brim with snaps of "perfect lives", we're all slowly but surely starting to realise that it's not worth getting worked up over - because it doesn't reflect everyday life.

And one mummy blogger is determined to make it known.

Sarah Turner is mum to Henry and Jude (Credit: Instagram/ The Unmumsy Mum)

Sarah Turner, better known as mummy blogger and author The Unmumsy Mum, recently shared some gorgeous snaps of her family holiday to Tenerife on her Instagram page.

As she's by now quite well known, she has racked up an impressive 219,000 Instagram followers.

So when she posted a photo of her and her two sons, Henry and Jude, many people swarmed to compliment her on her "lovely legs", which we agree look absolutely fantastic in the photo.

Many fans complimented Sarah's legs in this photo (Credit: Instagram/ The Unmumsy Mum)

The photo was strewn with compliments, with some saying: "Nice pins!", "You have great legs" and "You look stunning!"

But as Sarah's was one of the first mummy bloggers to champion what life is REALLY like as a mum and share her brutally honesty, she followed up with a second post of her legs.

This time, she was proudly showing off her cellulite for all the world to see - and couldn't have cared less.

She was quick to respond with this photo of her cellulite (Credit: Instagram/ The Unmumsy Mum)

She wrote: "It's awfully kind of you all to tell me I have lovely legs (thank you!) but please remember these Instagram squares are a selectively (usually favourably) edited version of reality.

"This is the leg shot in those exact same denim shorts that I sent my pals the day we left. I've just put a filter on it but I don't think even Valencia can make this Instaperfect!"

Her fans absolutely loved her trademark refreshing honesty, as the photo received comments like: "You're still gorgeous inside & out. Cellulite doesn't define us a mums, partners or human beings."

Another commenter wrote: "You are all the more beautiful for embracing your body with pride," and another added: "What a relief to see this!"

We love your honesty, Sarah! ❤️

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