Justin Trudeau Accidentally Designed The Obamas' Christmas Card

(Sort of)

Cast your minds back to late last week, when the Obamas released their final Christmas card as America's First Family, which simultaneously filled us with festive cheer and made us wish that their departure from the White House wasn't quite so imminent.

As we reported at the time, said Christmas card broke from the family tradition by swapping a picture of the Obama's (admittedly very cute) dogs for a picture of Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia looking resplendent at a State Dinner held at the White House earlier this year - a State Dinner which was also attended by Canadian Prime Minister (and our second favourite international statesman) Justin Trudeau.

And as it transpires, the image which we see on this year's Christmas missive would never have been taken at all if it wasn't for Trudeau, according to long-time White House photographer Pete Souza. So, Canada's PM is basically responsible for this year's best festive tidings of comfort and joy. Sigh.

To jog your memory, this is the Obama family's final White House holiday card

In a post to his Instagram account, Souza (who has photographed the Obamas throughout their eight years in the White House) decided to explain the story behind the soon-to-be iconic card - and share the credit with the Prime Minister.

'A couple of months ago, the Social Office [of the White House] came to me and said they were thinking of using a family photo for ths year's White House holiday card. So I thought of Justin Trudeau,' Souza wrote below the original image, which he lensed back in March.

'Earlier this year we hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a formal State Dinner. Malia and Sasha attended as guests. Before the dinner, I did a family photo in the White House residence,' he added. 'But later, when the Trudeaus arrived, the two families spent some time on the Truman Balcony with their respective delegations.'

Cheers to the ultimate political bromance

'At one point, the Prime Minister asked if we could do a photo of he and his wife with the Obama family. Click, click, click. Then, he said I should do a photo of just the Obama's. I could have said, "sir we already did one before you arrived." But instead, I clicked off a few quick frames.'

'And lo and behold, it was this picture that Justin Trudeau asked me to take which everyone loved as the choice for the 2016 White House holiday card.'

There we have it: Justin Trudeau is basically responsible for everything that was right with 2016. Now, how do we apply for a Canadian passport, again..?

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