The Beauty And The Beast Cast Take The Ultimate Disney Quiz

You'd think that, as the latest additions to the Disney universe, the cast of Beauty and the Beast would be well versed in the famous animation studio's iconic musical output. Maybe they spent their down-time on set perfecting the key changes from Frozen, swapping wisecracks from The Lion King or emoting to The Little Mermaid?

Well, think again, because we have proof that the stars of Disney's new live action remake are actually pretty lacking in their basic Disney knowledge. Shocking, we know.

Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast, Luke Evans (aka Gaston), Audra McDonald (Garderobe) and Stanley Tucci (Cadenza) all sat down to take an entry-level Disney musical quiz (we'd say it was fiendishly difficult, but we'd be exaggerating), and the results were... variable.

The cast attempted to match the Disney song to the correct movie, with some questions proving more popular than others (it seems that Frozen's appeal is universal; Hercules, not so much...) Then, they attempted to complete the next line of famous song lyrics - with one star failing to correctly recite lyrics from the Beauty and the Beast title track. We'll leave you to find out who is the guilty party...

Of course, should Emma Watson have taken the quiz, we're guessing that she would have aced it with an 'Outstanding' pass. She is the brightest witch of her age, after all.

Watch the Beauty and the Beast cast take the ultimate Disney quiz in the clip below...

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