Beyoncé Is The 'Top Choice' To Play Nala In The Lion King Re-Boot

When Disney confirmed last year that The Lion King would be the latest title to join its never-ending slate of planned 'live action' re-boots, the online response was mixed: why mess with perfection, after all?

Now, a casting rumour has emerged that's forced us to reconsider our opinion altogether: it's been revealed that the studio is eyeing none other than Beyoncé to voice Nala, Simba's childhood friend turned love interest. Excuse us while we imagine a Beyoncé cover of 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'...

According to film industry bible Variety, the singer is director Jon Favreau's 'top choice' to voice Nala in the forthcoming re-make of Disney's classic animation.

Variety's sources stress that Beyoncé has not yet come to a decision regarding the role, as she is currently expecting twins. The studio and director, though, are reportedly so keen to get her on board that they 'will do whatever it takes to accommodate her schedule.' And if there is anyone in the world that's worth waiting for, that person is Beyoncé.

Already confirmed for The Lion King are Atlanta's Donald Glover, who will voice Simba, and James Earl Jones, who will reprise the role of Mufasa. There is no word yet on whether other original cast members will be back on board, and the release date is yet to be confirmed.

As yet, it's thought that the re-make will feature the much-loved songs from the original (along the lines of this year's Beauty and the Beast).

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