Beyoncé Has A Secret Snapchat Account

This is not a drill: Beyoncé has had a secret Snapchat account all along.

The first hint that Instagram and Twitter aren't the singer's only social platforms came back in February, when Beyoncé attended a ball game with her daughter Blue Ivy, and uploaded a courtside selfie using the app’s Bambi filter on their faces.

Naturally, her legion of fans (who are well used to expertly analysing their Queen's every social media move - see the recent speculation on the sex of her twins for further proof) jumped to the conclusion that the star has a Snapchat account that she has so far chosen to keep out of the public eye.

Now, Beyoncé has decided to tease her fans with another Instagram post. This time, it's a clip which brings together short videos of both Bey and Blue, seemingly in the back of a car, playing around with cute animal filters together (including an appropriately seasonal Easter bunny). Yes, they're the very same filters you can try out on the app this moment.

With this further proof of an under-the-radar Snapchat account, fans are naturally crossing their fingers that the singer will soon unveil her username to the world (probably through the medium of a visual album or piece of performance art, because she's Beyoncé). Some are finding it pretty hard to play it cool, if the comments next to her Instagram post are anything to go by.

'Bey. Ima [sic] need you to stop playing and drop the sc name. You ain't playing fair,' wrote one fan.

'I'm gonna cry I just want her Snapchat,' said another.

Given that Beyoncé is known for her uber-curated, highly polished social media presence, it's perhaps a little surprising that she's chosen to dabble in something as seemingly spontaneous as as Snapchat. But then again, she's so flawless that even her throwaway Snaps are probably more dazzling than the average person's most filtered Instagram post...

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