Did Beyoncé Just Reveal The Gender Of Her Twins?

The singer is the Queen of announcements...

We can’t keep up. Ever since Beyoncé announced that she is expecting twins with husband Jay Z in an Internet-breaking post, fans of Queen B have been dissecting her every sartorial move in the hope of discovering the gender of her future offspring.

Surely the pink and blue underwear donned by the singer in her epic birth announcement suggests that she’s expecting a boy and a girl?

After all, this fan theory can be backed up with evidence provided by Beyoncé’s dad after he recently hinted at the gender of his daughter’s twins...

But the singer has been playing mind games once more, as fans now believe she is expecting twin boys. The 35-year-old recently attended her stepfather’s birthday party in earrings she first donned in the 2008 video for If I Were A Boy.

Dressed in a velvet dress, thigh-high boots and a $4,900 Gucci bag, the singer posed for photographs ahead of the evening.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to claim that the earrings are a symbolic way of the singer announcing that she is expecting twin boys. A little farfetched? Perhaps.

But in defence of the fan theory, this is not the first time the singer has left sartorial clues. Just weeks ago, the singer and her daughter Blue Ivy paid tribute to Adele at the Beauty and the Beast premiere with a subtle symbol.

The singer sparked rumours following photographs taken before her stepfather's birthday party

And remember when the singer wed Jay Z in secret? Bey debuted the Roman numeral VI, translating to four, before confirming that they had married. The number references the singer's birthday, Jay Z’s birthday and their wedding date.

But does her recent sartorial clue hint at the gender of her twins?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

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