Carey Mulligan Reveals Her Daughter's Name

Carey Mulligan Reveals Her Daughter's Name

Last week it was confirmed that Carey Mulligan has welcomed her first child, a girl, with husband Marcus Mumford. Now she has revealed in an interview on the red carpet that her name is Evelyn. She said "we just came up with it."

Their daughter was born less than a month ago. She made her first appearance as a new mum kicking off her promo tour for The Sufragette, at a press conference with Meryl Streep at the London Film Festival.

Carey didn't discuss her big news at the press conference, but talked about what she knew about the sufragettes as a child. "I knew relatively little. I remember there was a small paragraph in a history book saying 'they got there,' basically. I had lots of images of women politely marching the streets holding banners. Reading the script, I remember Googling as I went, thinking, 'Is this real?"

She added that she is "so lucky to grow up in a generation—and in a family—where I haven't had to fight. I have had a very lovely but easy upbringing and I'm incredibly privileged in that respect so I have never had to fight. I suppose we fight for more equality but we also fight for people who aren't in our position. I don't know if I would throw rocks for myself but I would like to think I would throw a rock for somebody else."

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