David Beckham Makes A Shocking Fashion Admission

So David and Victoria Beckham are soon to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. What better time, therefore, to take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the couple's best moments?

This was James Corden's plan when he invited David Beckham onto his The Late, Late Show sofa – the last in a series of three to take place here in the UK (usually they're filmed in the States).

So what were the moments he addressed? What happened on their wedding day, maybe? The day they became parents, perhaps? Or was it more, how do they juggle family time as hardworking parents?

Nope, none of those! What James Corden – amusingly – quizzed the foolballer on, was his and his wife's 'matchy matchy' fashion moments back in the day...

'It's safe to say you and Victoria made what I consider to be a bold choice among couples - of dressing the same,' James said.

'That idea was not my idea,' David replied. (Whaaaaat?)

When then pressed by the presenter on whether he regretted any of the ensembles they wore he was quick to reply 'most of them'.

How disappointing David, we cry! You mean, you didn't like that sarong?! You weren't a fan of the double leathers at the Versace party back in 1999...?

Actually, he was. David later added, 'But they were right at the time. The leather outfits, actually it could have been a lot worse that evening because we were walking out the door and I was like "Why don't we arrive on a motorbike?"

'Which obviously back then felt like a good idea, but now talking about it would have been absolutely ridiculous.

'I'm not saying I regret them because at the time they felt right but now I'm not so sure.'

To mark the anniversary, James, David and (the second guest) Emily Blunt, decided to reinact the purple look both David and Victoria wore on their wedding day.

Standing behind a faceless cutout, on which was a photograph of the couple on the day, David, James and Emily lent their heads to the image – David acting as himself, James as Victoria and Emily as baby Brooklyn.

Hmm... we wonder what Victoria made of it...

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