Eva Longoria Responds To Pregnancy Rumours In The Funniest Way

Eva Longoria Baston hit back at rumours she was pregnant in the coolest way yesterday...

Following the publication of pictures of her on a boat in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Desperate Housewives star took to Snapchat to tell her followers:

'So, I saw some pictures of myself. Really fat, on a boat. I have to tell you all I did was eat cheese. I ate cheese!'

Using an animal filter and a high-pitched cartoon voice for a series of posts, the actress continued, 'And everybody's saying I'm pregnant and I'm not. I was just lactose intolerant apparently.

'Today no belly...' [She positioned the camera downwards to take a shot of her stomach.]

'I just had to share,' she said in another post. 'Because my whole family's calling me, asking me if I'm pregnant. Yes, I looked pregnant. But that was just a ball of cheese. Ball of cheese in my stomach.'

The pictures she referred to were circulated on Monday with accompanying stories suggesting she and her husband, Jose Baston, might be expecting their first child.

The pair married last May in a 'secret' ceremony in Mexico, with selected guests including Victoria and David Beckham in attendence. Incidentally, both the Beckhams took to the dance floor after the ceremony to show off their moves – hilarious Dad dancing ones in David's case....

In a further holiday video, Eve continued: 'But seriously I looked so fat. But you know what? That happens to people, that happens to people. Everybody gets bloated. I'm not bloated today but this is pre-pancake. I'm about to go eat a pancake.

She later commented: 'So that's the news of the day. I'm not pregnant. I've just eaten a lot of cheese, a lot of wine, a lot of pancakes. Pre-pancake stomach. You'll see post-pancake.'

'In other news, last day in paradise, then it's back to reality. Then the real weight gain begins,' she laughed, 'because all this eating will catch up with me'.

In another video, taken by a friend, Eva was asked what was doing. 'Ordering a pancake,' she replied. 'Pre-pancake stomach – pre-pancake stomach!'

A later video showed the pancake arriving at the table. Eva looked at the camera and said – in a cartoon voice – 'I'll show you guys what happens after I eat any kind of carb. I just BLOW. UP.'

Don't we know the feeling? Bravo Eva for standing up for women everywhere who like to eat their pancakes and just not care.

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