A Hillary Clinton Biopic Is Coming - Meet The Actress Who Will Play Her...

Barry? Jackie? Snowden? Film biopics are having a major moment right now. Alongside the obvious fact these movies are focused on real people, another common thread is the main themes of politics, power and extreme moments of change in US history. So it may come as zero surprise, then, that there’s a biopic being made about the former First Lady and 2016 US Presidential candidate - Hillary Clinton.

Although, don’t expect to see a Donald Trump cameo in the mix. The indie film, titled When I’m a Moth, is set in 1969. This was a time when a 22-year-old Clinton – then Hillary Diane Rodham – was working odd jobs in Alaska after graduating from Wellesley College and going to law school (where she met her future husband, Bill Clinton). In other words: her gap year.

Addison Timlin has reportedly bagged the role of a lifetime

The actress set to play a young HC? According to The Wrap, 25-year-old American actress Addison Timlin, has been cast. The relatively unknown talent is best known for her roles in TV series Californication and 2014 rom-com That Awkward Moment.

From Hollywood newbie to playing a political powerhouse? Not bad at all.

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