Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why A Friends Reunion Will Never Happen

And that my friend is what they call closure…

You’re happy? Watch Friends. You’re heartbroken? Watch Friends. Sure, the sitcom ended over 10 years ago, but we shall never tire of re-runs watching our six favourite TV characters in action.

There was a time too, not that long ago when there was a glimmer of hope that Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey would be reunited once again on-screen. The selfies, the group TV appearences, the festivals. Fans wanted MORE...

Has Emma followed in her mother’s fashion footsteps? Did Phoebe and Mike have kids? All questions that we realised we’d probably never have answered as, er, Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman revealed this year that a re-boot of the hit show will never happen because ‘there’s no reason to continue doing it just because people miss the character.’

Hmm, but what of the Central Perk squad? Jennifer Aniston certainly agrees it would be a bad agree to revive Rachel Green and co.

Speaking to Lorraine, the Office Christmas Party actress spilled on the hit show’s fate in 2016: 'Honestly I don't know what we would do [now], I think that period of time was nostalgic.’

Adding: ‘Our faces weren't stuffed into cell phones, we weren't checking Facebook and Instagram, we were in a room together, we were in a coffee shop talking having conversations, we have lost that.’

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