Why Jimmy Fallon Is Our (Almost Favorite) Hollywood Crush

He might not be a Hollywood superstar, like Ryan Gosling. Or John Boyega. Or Eddie Redmayne. But Jimmy Fallon makes us laugh, a lot.

Like, last year, when many of us needed to laugh – properly laugh – who did we turn to? Our friend, Jimmy. (Yes we can call him 'our friend', because he kinda is... He's the guy we Google videos of when we need to let off steam. He's the guy that has us crying with laughter, when we're crying with rage. He's the guy that can make even the most unfunny situations, totally hilarious – like, nearly having to have your finger amputated, which he almost did...)

Last night, the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon star took to the stage of the Golden Globes to present this year's awards and he did it with his usual good humour i.e. in hilarious fashion. In fact, we loved him so much it made us think that a list of all the things we love about Jimmy would be totally what's needed this wet and grey Monday.

So here it is: what we love about Jimmy Fallon...

1.) Even though the autocue went down at GG17, he carried on like a pro

You can imagine how nerve-racking it would be to present the Golden Globes. All of Hollywood's elite watching you, waiting with bated breath for your opening lines... and instead of the speech you've spent hours rehearsing, you find yourself saying:

'Thank you, thank you so much everybody! Err, errr this is err... welcome to the Golden Globes. Already the teleprompter's down, so this is a great way... to start the show!

'I can do err... I can do impre... I can do impressions. What do we do here? I can think of something. Cut to Justin Timberlake, please and then he'll do... Just wink at me or something, yeah. This is great. We have another monologue coming in. I can just... you know what? I'll make up this monologue.

'We're here! This is what happens at the Golden Globes already. You have... [crowd roars with approval] Already, already... you have your Golden Globes moment already, it's already like a GIF. I'm happy I didn't trip. It's like doing a live GIF, here we go...'

Then the autocue hits in and he continues:

'This is the Golden Globes one of the few places left where America still honours the popular vote!' – a thinly veiled jibe at Donald Trump who, unlike Hillary Clinton, did not win the most votes in the recent presidential election.

After that, of course, it all rolled along smoothly.

2.) Unlike Ricky Gervais, his GG17 jokes weren't personally insulting

We love Ricky, but his previous stints as Golden Globes compère have been controversial to say the least. Not that we think there's anything wrong with a bit of sarcasm every now and again – and yes, actors do have the tendency to take themselves extremely seriously – but at an awards ceremony that honours their work, is that really the place to ridicule them? We think not. [Thinks back to that moment Ricky introduced Bruce Willis as 'Ashton Kutcher's dad' and cringes to the moon and back].

Which is why having [our friend] Jimmy heading up proceedings this year made for a far less #awkward night; one where we could sit back and literally enjoy the show.

This show, in particular: click here

3.) Jimmy gets the best out of his guests

Such guests as J-Law.

Check out this occasion, when the pair talk about their joke 'fall out' over a move they tried to pull once, getting J-Lo to dance with them at a concert...

4.) Even when it's embarrassing, it's brilliant

Like the time Jimmy interviewed Nicole Kidman...

The background: a mutual friend had rung up Jimmy to say Nicole had wanted him to star in Bewitched, and could she quickly pop round to his apartment to talk about it? What the mutual friend didn't say, however, was that he had told Nicole she should go to Jimmy's flat to meet him and 'hang' because they were both single and sparks might fly...

Basically, Nicole thought she was on a date, and Jimmy thought it was work. But it was only when the pair talked about it many, many years later – in the below interview – that the crossed-wires were uncovered.

Dear reader, it is comedy GOLD...

5.) He's actually an amazing performer himself

Yes, he might spend his nights interviewing a host of top actors and musicians, but Jimmy is actually an epic performer himself.

Watch this Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone. Yes, she is INCREDIBLE and, in our minds, wins the battle, but Jimmy puts up a pretty good fight nonetheless...

6.) He lets his guests outshine him

Unlike some presenters (no names, no names) Jimmy allows his guests to take centre stage.

Take, for instance, this moment...

Only a few people in the world would be able to outdo Ariana Grande on vocals. So the fact Jimmy even put himself forward for the challenge – knowing he'd never ever beat the young talented singer – shows how far this guy is willing to go to let his guests look gooood.

He's funny, he's kind and he's super handsome too. Jimmy Fallon is basically our dream man. Happy Monday.

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