The Most Iconic Joe Biden And Barack Obama Bromance Memes Of All Time


The Most Iconic Joe Biden And Barack Obama Bromance Memes Of All Time


Forget Barack and Michelle for one moment. There's a certain pairing that gives us #couplegoals all day, everyday.

Together for eight years, Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden truly embarked on an enviable love affair. From catching basketball games together to going for ice cream, the pair have proven that you really can work with your partner and not risk losing the magic.

And it wasn't just us who were won over by their relationship, as the pair successfully catalysed a series of viral memes. Just days ago, Joe Biden even revealed his favourite Internet parody to date...

So in celebration of one of the most documented (and unlikely) relationships to ever grace the world wide web, we round up the best 'Joebama' memes of all time. You're welcome.

1. Obama has to keep an eye on Biden

2. Even when Biden can be difficult at times...

3. Work doesn't interfere with their relationship

4. Though sometimes Michelle has to get involved...

5. Which can frustrate Biden when he needs alone time with Obama

6. So Obama happily helps Biden out with internet dating...

7. Over the past eight years, the White House proved the perfect base for pre-drinks...

8. They reached peak bromance when Obama presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

9. And even though Trump is now in office, he can't get in the way of their relationship...

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