This Is Definitive Proof That No One Is Immune To Justin Trudeau

No one is safe

The Internet is officially going steady with a new boyfriend: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The fact that he looks a little (or a lot) like a Disney Prince brought to life, combined with his feminist beliefs and penchant for a charming photo opportunity (ideally involving babies and / or former President Barack Obama), has won him legions of supporters (and, erm, fans) in Canada and beyond.

It seems only inevitable, then, that the Internet's best loved world leader should inspire an equally perfect meme (see also: Obama's bromance with his former VP, Joe Biden). Behold, the phenomenon of 'famous faces staring lovingly at Justin Trudeau.'

Though Ivanka Trump is by no means the first person to be caught on camera apparently 'appreciating' the wonders of Trudeau, the meme took hold earlier this week, when photos of the First Daughter looking rather taken with the Canadian PM at a White House discussion of women in the workplace.

The Twitter commentary was - predictably - hilarious...

... and reminded us of another, similar incident

As one user put it...

And in related meme news, comparisons were made to that Hugh Grant scene in Love Actually. Is this the ultimate online accolade for a world leader? Discuss.

As a refresher, we've revisited every time a famous face has reacted to Trudeau in the very same manner we would. You are welcome.

It all started with this photo of Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau

Ivanka, we understand. If only you'd tweeted this picture after your meeting, rather than the ill-advised one you eventually posted...

Kate Middleton had a similar reaction

It's all about that semi-flustered tucking of the hair behind the ear.

Don't worry: Prince William was feeling the love, too...

Even Princes are not immune to JT.

Though he might get jealous of Trudeau's bromance with his brother, Prince Harry

The look of love.

Even the Queen herself was seemingly charmed

Just look at that smile for proof.

Prince George is the exception that proves the rule

Remember when he left Trudeau hanging for a high five? The ultimate in sassy rejections.

And the less said about this particular meeting, the better

That time Justin summed up what the entire world was thinking. Nope.

Emma Watson recruited him for her #HeForShe campaign

And went in for the hug. Magical.

But lest we forget, his best bromance of all is with Barack Obama

Truly, a love story for the ages.

Don't mind us, just printing off this photo to stick on our mantelpieces

Sob. And as one Twitter user puts it...


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