This Is How Much The Kardashians Earn Per Instagram Post

Not too long ago it seemed absurd that people could earn a few pennies from posting on Instagram. Now though, Instagram is an arena where digital influencers can make big bucks. Successful bloggers and YouTubers are among the ranks of people who are paid for posting on the app, but it is the Kardashian-Jenner clan that, unsurprisingly, rake in serious money.

Michael Heller, CEO of digital marketing firm Talent Resources – the same firm that arranges most of the family’s deals and endorsements – told Us Weekly that some companies have been known to pay up Kim up to $500,000 to share branded posts with her 95.1 million followers. According to Heller, Kim’s sisters Khloe (64.3 million followers) and Kourtney (54.5 million followers) can earn up to $250,000 per ad on Instagram.

The youngest sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner boast 76.4 million followers and 89.1 million followers respectively, so considering what companies will pay to access their sisters’ followers, they most likely earn in the region of $400,000 per sponsored post.

You may have spotted some of these advertised posts if you follow any of the Kardashian-Jenners on Instagram. As well as promoting their own products, Kylie and Khloe in particular, have recently shared posts that promote weight loss products.

@kyliejenner Enjoying my @fitteawraps 💪🏼 they're keeping my tummy toned & lean as it gets closer to summer @fitteawraps #ad

Kylie Jenner's Instagram accolades include having the most-viewed Instagram video of all time, when she dressed up as Christina Aguilera in Dirty for Halloween last year.

@khloekardashian My life in a nutshell ❤glam squad and @proteinworld shakes. Look and feel great with @proteinworld 30 Day Challenge, start your transformation now! #proteinworld #PW30DayChallenge #PWcollab

Heller points out that when a Kardashian-Jenner posts a sponsored Instagram post the products advertised ‘sell out immediately’, so it’s no wonder brands will invest huge sums of money. You can spot a sponsored post a mile off - the clue is in the hashtags: #ad or #collab.

Don’t underestimate the influence of social media and the part it plays in the careers of A-listers. Heller points out that for the Kardashian-Jenners, ‘sponsored posts are about 25 percent of their income.’ So, making the decision to do a digital detox or take a brief hiatus from Instagram won't be a light one, and would perhaps be unadvised from a financial perspective. Kendall (who in 2015 was the title-holder of the most-liked Instagram post ever) deleted her Instagram for a few days last year, and similarly, though under awful circumstances, Kim didn’t post on the social media app for around four months. However, while her sisters will actively engage in brand campaigns, Kim will only promote brands she has equity in – such as Kimojis.

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