9 Times Kate Hudson Totally Nailed Instagram

If you’re looking for some hilarity to break up the avo toast snaps and filtered selfies that probably dominate your Instagram feed, may we suggest following Kate Hudson.

Full disclosure: there may be some smug bikini shots and the occasional snap of her in her leggings promoting her athleisure line BUT Hudson’s lol-worthy captions definitely make up for this sort of behaviour. Hudson clearly does not take her A-list life too seriously and her feed is a mix of candid shots with her Hollywood pals (and adorable family), behind the scenes shot on set, and Hudson enjoying a glass (or three) of wine.

If you needed more convincing, here are the nine times she got it so very right.

1. The time she meditated with a glass of wine

A girl after our own heart.

2. The time she made her family go topless skiing

If this is not #familygoals we’re not sure what is.

3. The time she demonstrated the difficulties of picking an awards outfit

So many shoes, so little time. Talk about #firstworldproblems.

4. The time she exposed the reality of life as a model

It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it.

5. The time she lived the ultimate holiday dream

Wine and cheese puffs = best combo ever.

6. The time she went to Vegas with Britney

One of her many celebs pals.

7. The time she drunk Reese’s wine

Saturday night, sorted.

8. The time she showed us what bikini shoots are really like

Not so glamourous after all.

9. The time she had to travel hungover

We’ve all been there.

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