Kate Middleton Praises ‘Brilliant’ Prince Harry For Speaking Out About Mental Health

Following Prince Harry’s candid interview with The Telegraph, the Duchess of Cambridge has paid tribute to her brother-in-law, HELLO! reports.

Her remarks were made during a conversation with primary school headteacher, Jamie Maloy, at a reception held at Kensington Palace for runners partaking in Sunday’s London Marathon for Heads Together - William, Kate and Harry's mental health campaign.

Maloy was the one to bring up the topic of Harry’s interview in which he spoke at length about the grief he suffered following his mother’s death aged 12, the counselling he sought, and his battle with mental health.

‘What I love is your brother-in-law talking the other day, because it just ignited it. Everyone's talking about mental health now because someone who is so famous and so much in the public eye has actually turned around and said something hit me hard - the death of a close loved one. And I think people have gone “good on you, because you could have never mentioned that he continued.”’ Maloy said to the Duchess.

‘We all felt there was very much a campaign to get everyone talking and have these conversations, we've got to do the same, you know, do the same - so he's been brilliant,’ Kate responded.

When the headteacher called Harry 'real hero to a lot of people,' Kate agreed saying 'absolutely'.

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