See Inside Kate Moss's Beautiful London Home

It comes as no surprise that Kate Moss – Britain’s most iconic fashion icon – knows a thing or two about interior design. In 2015 she took on her first design project - dressing up a stunning five-bedroom home in the Cotswolds, and now she has invited Architectural Digest into her own home in London to show off the spectacular eclectic interiors and reveal a few of her inspirations.

‘I love mixing old and new things, all different eras,’ she says about her home which she decorated with interior designer and former personal assistant Kate Grove. Moss didn’t take a backseat in the process, though: ‘I don’t want to say I’m a control freak, but I’m a control freak,’ she admits.

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The most eye-catching feature of Kate’s abode is undoubtedly the wallpaper. She teamed up with bespoke wallpaper house de Gournay to design custom hand-painted wallpaper panels to mimic her favourite time of day: dusk. The silvery blue-toned floral pattern is called Anemones of Light, and frames her free-standing claw-foot bathtub and vintage crystal chandelier from antique store James Worrall. ‘Picture a summer night when it goes silvery-blue from the light of the moon,’ she imagines. ‘I wanted that kind of film noir feel in here.’

Image: @archdigest

The bathroom is clearly the supermodel’s favourite room in the house, and is even a place where she entertains guests. ‘I love those old movies with glamorous bathrooms where they have chaise lounges,’ she explains. ‘My bathroom in the country has a chesterfield, and when I have my birthday parties there, we always end up hanging out in it. It’s got a record player, it’s cosy, it’s fun – there’s potions and lotions and smelly things. Everyone’s welcome.’

Image: @archdigest

Following the breath-taking finished look of Kate’s London pad, de Gournay is apparently working to design a new wallpaper inspired by daybreak, which will be, by Kate’s definition, ‘psychedelic’ and ‘glowy’ and evocative of a 'sun rise at a music festival'.

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