Kim Kardashian Has Angered Fans In A Major Way

We can safely say Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to controversy. The reality TV star and entrepreneur has, after all, brought us topless 'nothing to wear' pictures, snaps of 'blood facials' (don't ask), and broken the internet with shots of her bare posterior... all without batting an eyelid.

Kim doesn't play it safe, we know this, which means the fact her new Kimoji product has become – shall we say – 'a talking point' is hardly out of the ordinary...

What ain't normal however, is the outrage it has caused. Quite unprecedented outrage, in fact.

What is the offending product in question? A candle depicting the Virgin Mary – with Kim's face superimposed onto it.

Unveiled on the KIMOJI Instagram feed, an image of the candle appeared next to a caption explaining the product was 'almost sold out'. That it's a sought-after item, did nothing to stop fans taking to the comments section to convey their disapproval.

'What a shame and an insult to our beloved Holy Mother Mar,' one follower wrote.

'This is disgusting' said another. 'Such vulgar bad taste' wrote a third.

To further fan the fires of outrage, the 'Virgin Mary Kim' image is also animated to become psychedelic, all in support of...wait for it... 4/20, aka WEED DAY – the celebration of cannabis.

The candle is on sale for $18 at and appears alongside other new products such as the 'Ass Tray' – an ashtray featuring a picture of Kim's butt emoji (on sale for $35) – and a pair of Fire Weed Socks, going for $12.

Kimoji rolling papers are also up for grabs – one called 'When It Hits You' depicting Kim's face with a marijuana backdrop, and another entitled: 'Hella Munchies Rolling Paper' featuring fries, pizzas and doughnuts.

The launch of the new products was announced by Kim via her own Instagram feed yesterday, just hours after she posted about a new KKW x KYLIE lip gloss range.

Rolling papers, Kim as Virgin Mary candles – and lip gloss? Just another day of business in the Kardashian West household.

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