Is This Kristen Stewart's New Girlfriend?

Is This Kristen Stewart's New Girlfriend?

While Kristen Stewart is only recently thought to have split with her visual effects producer girlfriend of a year, Alicia Cargile, word has it there's already another woman on the scene.

The rumours come after Kristen was spotted watching Lyndsey Gunnulfsen perform with her band PVRIS last week in New York, and according to a source who spoke to Heat, they spent time hanging out backstage after the show and left the venue together.

'Kristen and Lynn are dating. Kristen came to see Lynn when her band played in New York last week, and they were hanging out backstage. The whole crew knows they're seeing each other, and they left together, too,' the insider said.

A tweet for a fan of the band also prompted more speculation the two are dating - user Lexi LaCava wrote: 'Kristen Stewart is just chilling at this show??'

Kristen, who famously dated Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson for four years, has been pressured to define her sexuality since dating Alicia. However, the actress shut down labels in a recent interview explaining she thinks "you should just do your thing" without being defined by the parameters society assumes are the norm.

When asked by the Nylon if she was 'ready right now to make any big pronouncements about her sexuality?' She simply replied 'Google me. I’m not hiding.

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