Martha Hunt Reveals Her Festival-Approved Check List

How to look like a VS Angel at your next gig? We caught up with Martha at Coachella to get the total low down…

American-born Martha is, as we all know, pretty jaw-droopingly beautiful. At nearly 5ft 11, the Victoria’s Secret Angel, just 27-years-old, has already bagged herself 2.5 million Instagram followers, walked for huge catwalk shows and appeared in multiple music videos (have you seen The Chainsmokers, Paris vid?), all while being part of the coolest girl gang in the world: know the one. So, as a Coachella regular (she doesn’t recall a year she hasn’t been), we caught up with the blonde bombshell on how to look festival chic, at all times...

So, Martha, do you go to many festivals?

YES! I’ve been coming to Coachella every year, since I can remember.

What do you love most about them?

I love live music, and I love watching everyone play around with different fashion styles. It’s so fun to get dressed up for, and to go with a good group of girlfriends that you can just have fun with and let loose.

Who are you most excited to see?

Radiohead, Banks, Kendrick Lemar and Lady Gaga.

What essentials are total MUSTS for festivals?

This year I’m all about the Victoria’s Secret Bralettes, so I have basically planned all of my outfits around them. The one I’m wearing now is called the Long Line Bralette, (£18.18 from Victoria's Secret) and I think it looks cute just with a sheer t-shirt over the top, like I’m wearing now.

Do you have any good beauty tricks?

I love serums. I feel like they work in every climate, whether it’s really cold or at Coachella when it’s super-hot and humid. I’m really into oxygen serums, and then I layer Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, £70 over the top while I’m in the desert. I also love having oxygen facials with Mzia Shiman. All of the VS girls see her before the show, they’re just amazing for plumping and brightening.

What are your festival do’s and don’t’s?

Do rock really cute outfits everyday. Do show off your underwear. Don’t get too rowdy while people have their phones out, because that’s going to come back and get you. Do wear sunscreen. Do keep your skin refreshed with rose water spray (Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray, £7.50).

What is your ultimate hangover cure?

If I've been drinking all night, I go straight to liquids. You want to rehydrate from the inside out, so coconut water and amazing juices are always a good idea. Gatorade, Coca Cola and Pedialyte - which has nutrients and electrolytes in to help rehydrate the body. Greasy food always makes you feel better too.

Festival glitter or festival fluorescents?


Floral headband or feathered fedora?


Low cut or high waisted short?

High waisted.

Bralette or Push-up?


Front row raver or social butterfly?

Front row raver.

Braids or buns?


Toned tummy or a great bum?

I have to go with bum, it’s the era of the bum, how can I not choose that?!

Sneakers or sand boots?

I have to go with boots, that’s what I’m wearing now.

Festival drink of choice?


Favourite food?


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