You Can Help Fund A Mary-Kate And Ashley Museum

You’ve watched every single episode of Two Of A Kind, you’ve worn out your video of New York Minute (life’s all about quoting Avril Lavigne in inappropriate academic contexts, right?) and you’ve graduated from buying your clothes from the Mary-Kate + Ashley at Asda fashion line to lusting over The Row on Net-a-Porter. So, what’s the inevitable next step in your Olsen twins obsession? Joining the Kickstarter campaign to fund a museum dedicated to Mary-Kate and Ashley, of course.

Yes, you read that correctly. Brooklyn-based comedians Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen have started an online campaign to raise money for their proposed homage to the Olsens, titled 'The Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi.' Instead of Full House memorabilia and throwback noughties fashions from the aforementioned George at Asda clothing range, expect something a little more tongue-in-cheek.

Mary Kate And Ashley... Hiding From The Paparazzi Rex Features

The exhibit will feature paintings by Chicago-based artist Laura Collins - whose speciality is pop culture stars fleeing from snap-happy photographers. According to their Kickstarter page, Matt and Viviana will also be accepting 'submissions': they've suggested 'sculptures of Venti Starbucks cups, hand knit shawls with cigarette holes burnt in' or even 'something, like twin related?,' because as the duo explain, 'twins are very art.'

So far, so post-modern. But why choose the Olsens as their subject and muse? According to the pair, 'the Olsen twins are True Celebrities [sic] [...] the Olsen twins have been a national brand since they were babies. We envied them, revered then, we gazed upon them. As adults they are now badass business women who facilitate their lives to be as inaccessible as possible. In a world of "I trip at the Oscars, I'm JUST like YOU," they hide in towers we can only assume don't exist on any maps.' They have a point. In the age of social media over-sharing and carefully curated photo opportunities, there's something quite refreshing about a little bit of celebrity mystique...

Matt and Viviana are hoping to raise $9,500 by the end of the month to fund their endeavours, and you can do your bit here. Because a world with a Mary-Kate and Ashley Museum in it would be a better place, right?

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