This Photo Of Meryl Streep Singing Has Become A Hilarious Meme

As one of the most talented actresses of her generation, Meryl Streep has been showered with accolades in the forty-odd years she's dominated the big screen. Earlier this year, she broke her own record for the most Oscar nominations held by one star (20 and counting). But despite all of these glittering successes, it's taken until now for Meryl to receive the ultimate seal of approval from the online community: becoming the subject of her very own meme.

A photo from the 2015 SAG Awards ceremony recently resurfaced to do the rounds on Twitter, showing the actress cheering on the legendary Singin' In The Rain star Debbie Reynolds as she collected a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some online genius then decided that this particular picture of Meryl - with her cupped hands and general enthusiasm for life - perfectly encapsulates that moment when you just have to sing along to that call-and-response part in a song. In that moment, a meme was born.

As it turns out, there's a singing Meryl for every musical occasion.

When you're in an Empire State Of Mind

When you accidentally end up at the indie night you used to frequent as an 18-year-old

When you're filled with teenage angst and no one understands you

For when you take that same angst to the extreme and start wearing extra eyeliner

When you're always Team Beyoncé

When you're reminiscing over how Meryl was the best thing about Mamma Mia!

When you're resigned to the unfair and unfeeling Universe, but you still love ABBA

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