Prince Harry Spends The Day With Schoolchildren And Animals In Epping Forest

Best geography lesson ever?

On Wednesday, Prince Harry carried out his royal duties when he joined a group of local schoolchildren on their visit Wood Pasture Restoration Project in Epping Forest. The forest is part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy – a conservation initiative launched in 2015 that aims to create a global network of indigenous forests to benefit communities and wildlife.

Wearing a fleece and desert boots, Harry wasted no time getting stuck in, talking to the children from Aldersbrook Primary School about the efforts of QCC and the importance of preserving the land and its wildlife.

'Everybody takes places like this for granted,' said the Prince. 'You don't see what it [the forest's ecosystem] is doing so you don't think about it. There are a lot of people who want to make money by building buildings [on land like this], but it's going to be up to you guys to protect it, your generation.'

We're all ears Harry.

During his time there, Harry showed that he is truly at one with nature, and that he's also great with kids. First, he gathered up the troops.

Then he had a chat with Lucky the cow.

And then Lucky's calf Ragamuffin decided he wanted to meet the royal, too.

He inspected the soil. Moist.

He then inspected the pond. Chilly.

He also planted a tree.

He was a floating head for a little while.

And to end the day he jumped into the class photo.

Day well spent!

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