It’s Official, Selena Gomez Won Instagram In 2016

Instagram have confirmed the ten most liked photos of the year, and eight of them belong to Selena Gomez. Considering Gomez has 103 million fans, the biggest following on the social media app, it’s hardly surprising.

Her most liked picture, a snap of the singer in a Coca Cola campaign, has so far garnered a whopping 5.9 million likes.

The two pics in the top ten not belonging to Gomez are from the account of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s account, which has 83 million followers, doesn’t even make it into the top 10 insta accounts. However his snaps holding the Euro cup for his home country of Portugal both racked up likes in the millions.

Check out the top 10 snaps below.

1. Selena's Coca Cola Ad

2. Selena On Tour With A Fan

3. Selena Hanging Out In Her Bikini

4. Selena Hits 74 Million, Takes Selfie

5. Selena Nails Airport Chic

6. Ronaldo Lifts The Cup

7. Selena On Tour, Again

8. Selena Covers Vogue Australia

9. Ronaldo Hugs The Cup

10. Last But Not Least, Another Snap Of Selena On Tour

Anyone spot a pattern?!

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