Judge Dismisses DJ's Lawsuit In Taylor Swift Groping Trial

The judge in Taylor Swift's groping trial has thrown DJ David Mueller's case out of court.

Mueller had sued the pop star for $3m (£2.3m), saying that her original lawsuit against him had cost him his job and career. Swift had sued the ex-radio DJ for groping her at a 2013 concert when she posed for a photo with him and his girlfriend.

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US District Judge William Martinez decided that Swift was not liable as Mueller has not been able to provide sufficent evidence that she had gone out of her way to fire him from his position.

After five days of trial the court still have to decide whether Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea, and her radio liasion, Frank Bell are liable for Mueller's sacking. A judge will make a call next week.

Swift is seeking a symbolic $1 in damages, which she will donate to charity if awarded. In a statement Swift wrote she would hope that going to trial for this case will 'serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts.'

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