Exclusive: Watch Lily Collins In The Trailer For Anorexia Drama 'To The Bone'


Exclusive: Watch Lily Collins In The Trailer For Anorexia Drama 'To The Bone'

Arriving online on 14th July, To The Bone promises an unflinching and heartfelt look at the reality of living with anorexia as a young woman, if Netflix’s newly-dropped trailer is anything to go by.

Following the story of Ellen, a 20-year-old who has spent her teenage years drifting between recovery and relapse, the film is one that has particular personal resonance for both writer-director Marti Noxon, for whom To The Bone is semi-autobiographical, and for lead actress Lily Collins.

Speaking at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where the film premiered to rave reviews, the actress opened up for the first time about having suffered from an eating disorder as a teenager. Despite knowing that she would have to lose a considerable amount of weight for the role, Lily revealed that she felt compelled to take on the project to start a public conversation about a topic that often feels taboo.

Lily Collins stars in To The Bone

‘I retracted [at first] because I thought, I am 10 years [over my eating disorder],’ she told Vanity Fair at the festival. ‘Why would I want to put myself back in that situation? And I read the script, and right away I was just in awe. Because it is not just a story about anorexia. It is so much more. And I felt like my journey and my experiences could benefit [others]. And I knew that with Marti involved, this could help me face a fear again.’

Starring alongside Lily is Keanu Reeves, who plays the doctor heading up the non-traditional recovery programme to which Ellen's family sign her up, helping her to confront the reality of her condition and begin to accept herself.

Despite the admittedly harrowing subject matter, To The Bone is set to subvert all your expectations...

To the Bone launches on Netflix on 14th July

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