Victoria Beckham Is Considering Legal Action Against Fish And Chip Restaurant

Victoria Beckham is taking legal advice after a takeaway fish and chip restaurant compared the thinness of their pizza crusts to her physique, and branded her an ‘Anorexic Fashion Icon’.

Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips in Battle Hill, North Tyneside, have been advertising their ‘new Victoria Beckham Thin Crust only 2mm Thin’ pizza on the back of their delivery van. The advert features a caricature of Victoria who is wearing a sash that says ‘Anorexic Fashion Icon’.

A spokeswoman for Victoria said: ‘It is highly inappropriate to trivialise such a disorder, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way. Sadly, this is now a legal matter.’

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Marg Oaten MBE of the Seed anorexia charity claimed that the slogan ‘puts people at genuine risk’ of eating disorders, and ‘to trivialise anorexia in a pizza advert is appalling.’

The manager of the restaurant, Soni Sidhu, said he never meant for the advert to offend anyone, and that it’s been on the back of his van for three years.

‘We have always stated even if one individual is upset or offended by our advert we would be more than happy to take it down,’ Soni continued. He said it was meant as a bit of comic relief and as a way for people can ‘escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life’.

‘If, in 2017 Britain, we are asked to take down this advert it will be a sad day for freedom of expression,’ he said, but the owners have since decided to take the advert down.

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