Want To Know How The Beckhams Celebrated Easter?

Easter was a bunny and fuzzy duckling affair over at the Beckhams this year, with Victoria donning a rabbit mask and David and Cruz cradling ducklings.

Taking to Instagram to document the day, VB posted a snap of herself wearing a navy blue Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit (with rope tie), whilst sitting on wooden decking, hiding her face behind a gigantic rabbit mask.

'Happy Easter fashion bunnies!! Kisses from the sunshine x 🇺🇸 x VB', she captioned the pic.

Might rabbit masks be a Beckham Easter tradition? Hmm, we're not sure. Because when VB's husband David took to Instagram to mark the day, there wasn't an animal mask in sight. Although, that said, there was an animal ...

In two of David's three Easter pictures there featured an adorable yellow duckling.

The first snap showed his 12-year-old son Cruz cradling the bird in a post he captioned: 'Happy Easter 🐣 @cruzbeckham @victoriabeckham', whilst the second was of himself, wearing a trilby and a pair of Ray Bans, also cradling the duckling (or maybe it was a different duckling... do the Beckhams own lots of ducklings? Does anybody know?!)

Alongside the picture, David wrote: 'And Happy Easter from me and my little friend 🐥'.

Yes, that's right: really quite cute.

Whilst the youngest Beckham, Harper, did not feature in either of her parents posts, David did post a snap of a toy rabbit in a tipi with the words: 'Tough day in the office, glad it's over'. Did the tipi belong to Harper? (Does anybody know?!)

As for the other two Beckham children, Brooklyn and Romeo, their Instagram feeds suggest they spent the day at Coachella – the Colorado desert festival where Kendall Jenner hosted a Bumble party on Day One and Selena Gomez showed some mega PDA for The Weekend... all weekend long.

In all, it appears the Beckhams enjoyed a very jolly holiday: of rabbits and ducklings, sun and FUN – and well, we wouldn't expect anything less!

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