Rita Ora and Will.i.am at the launch of The Voice


Inside The Voice Launch: Will.i.am Thinks Rita Ora Is The Next Stella McCartney

Will.i.am Thinks Rita Ora Is The Next Stella McCartney

Today we toddled off to the launch of The Voice 2015 and – as has become customary – all the old judges dutifully said lots of nice things about the new judge, in this case Rita Ora.

When you watch the show you’ll see that Rita takes to the show like a duck to water. She’s goofy, fancies every single male contestant (at one point she actually slides from her chair at the sight of a fireman) and has the kind of great hair we’d probably have if we employed a fleet of groomers. Maybe.

Anyway, Rita has proven that she’s as good at judging as she is being a pop star. But according to Will.i.am, she has another trick up her sleeve. Namely, that she’s going to be the next Stella McCartney.

Will told us, ‘Big artists - the Beyonces and Britneys – have perfumes and lipstick and stuff. And just think how long it took Beyonce and Britney to have their own stuff. So when I saw Rita I was like, ‘Woah, I just want to shine a light on the things that she’s been able to accomplish.’ All her deals are big huge things, so for Rita to be able to accomplish all of that early in her career shows the trajectory of what she could end up becoming. I think she could be a Stella McCartney. Rita’s great, she’s so fresh.’

Rita already has associations with Superga, DKNY, Roberto Cavalli and Adidas, so maybe a fashion career beckons. It’s also possible that Will.i.am is talking absolute nonsense.

The Voice returns to BBC1 on 10th January

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