Young Justin Trudeau Will Make Your Day Much, Much Better

What a blessing

Send apologies in advance to Joe Biden, because Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just excelled in that niche but oh-so perfect viral phenomenon: retro photos of politicians being really, really good-looking as young men.

Given that Trudeau still essentially resembles a Disney prince brought to life (a topic which we’ve covered extensively in the interests of serious journalism), it’s hardly surprising that resurfaced images of the PM looking fresh out of your favourite 90s boy band have quickly become a viral sensation.

Exhibit A: soulful fleece-wearing Trudeau, set against a rugged mountainous backdrop.

Exhibit B: the above Trudeau's striking resemblence to Richard Gere in his heyday, as pointed out by Buzzfeed's Bim Adewunmi.

Exhibit C: Trudeau in full 'misunderstood boy who comes good in time for the third act of a teen movie' mode.

Exhibit D: Voluminously coiffed indie Justin ('That's why his hair's so big. It's full of secrets')

And all at once, everything was right in the world.

What a blessing.

Naturally, the Internet's response was almost as perfect as the photos in question.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Trudeau has been given the meme treatment. Last month, a picture of Ivanka Trump apparently gazing at the PM during a White House round table spawned 'famous faces staring lovingly at Justin Trudeau': photographic evidence that even the likes of Kate Middleton and Barack Obama are not immune to his charms.

Thank you, Justin, for bringing some light to this dark and confusing world, and may the memes never cease.

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