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How The A List Do The BAFTAs - An Inside Scoop

The EE BAFTAs is a truly unique day in the film calendar. The cream of the crop of Hollywood descend upon London for one night to celebrate the year's best cinematic moments - and with so much talent in one place, one has to wonder what really goes on behind the closed doors of the Royal Opera House. Sure, the ceremony might be broadcast on TV, but the real gossip happens firmly off-camera.

Grazia Daily were guests of Lancome this year, meaning we got an access-all-areas pass to the red carpet, ceremony and after-party. Here's what we learnt...

  1. The red carpet is genuinely terrifying.

When A Listers talk about feeling overwhelmed, it's easy to roll your eyes and think, "Sure, everyone being a fan of you must be awful.", but the red carpet is an actual gauntlet. There's a myraid of tripping hazards, including other A Listers, a million flashbulbs popping, and the adoring crowds can be er, a little too adoring. We're praying for Jack O'Connell's eardrums as we type.

  1. You need to be prepared to see stars everywhere. And we mean EVERYWHERE.

Once you're inside, nominees rub shoulders with the press and other attendees. Which might mean you might meet Cate Blanchett in the queue for the ladies. And then faint. Maybe. Just maybe.

  1. No one is safe from snarky put-downs

The BAFTAs is a celebratory time - but that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and rainbows. Host Stephen Fry took a pop at Donald Trump (understandable) but then went on to refer to Jenny Beavan, who scooped up Best Costume Design for Mad Max: Fury Road as looking like 'a bag lady'. Ouch.

  1. There is no censorship

While we didn't spot any GIF-able trips or falls (possibly because Jennier Lawrence wasn't in attendance), the BAFTA team are happy to let the stars do and say what they like. Which might explain why the whole room held their breath when famously outspoken Rebel Wilson took to the stage to present an award...

  1. The stars are real troopers

Screen legend and all-around wonderful human being Julianne Moore looked incredible - but it was revealed when she took to the stage that she was in fact battling laryngitis. Undeterred by her illness, Grazia spotted her working the room and laughing with friends all night - a true pro if there ever was one.

  1. It might get a bit emotional

When John Boyega scooped up the EE Rising Star Award, he took the time to thank God, and to encourage struggling actors that better times lay ahead. Likewise, Leonardo DiCaprio thanked his mum, who drove him 'three hours every day' to a school further away as a child, so that he would have a chance to experience life outside the tough part of L.A he grew up in. Not a dry eye in the house...

  1. The BAFTA Bus is real, and it's amazing.

The ceremony takes place at The Royal Opera House, but the dinner afterwards takes place at a swanky Mayfair hotel. How pray, do you transport a bevy of Hollywood talent? A fleet of Ubers? A motorcade of Rolls Royces? Nonsense, you just piled everyone onto coaches. No, really. Okay, we didn't get to sit next to Leo (sob) but almost everyone does get the coach there. Like a school trip. It's amazing. No singalongs, sadly.

  1. The goodie bag ain't half bad

While Grazia might not have seen the nominees' bag, every attendee did get to take home some Lancome goodies - a decent haul if you ask us.

  1. Dinner is a mind-boggling affair

Imagine you're sitting down to a three-course slap-up meal in lovely surroundings. The champagne (Taittinger, natch) is flowing and everyone's chatting away. And to your left is Matt Damon. Oh, and there's Mark Ruffalo. Are they eating the lamb? Should you eat the lamb? Do people eat lamb anymore? Oh, there's Eddie Redmayne! Seriously, it's beyond surreal.

  1. The Savoy Hotel turns into a whos-who of the film industry

The Savoy hosts the Style Suites every year, where stars like Heida Reed, Antonia Thomas and Laura Haddock make a pitstop so the glam squad can work their magic. With Lancome holding court in one room, and Charles Worthington in another, it's incredible to watch everyone get glammed up and selfie (sorry, red carpet) ready.

See all the best dressed stars in the gallery below...

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