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Kristen Dunst Just Wore Three Trends At Once (And Yes, It Works)

Are we alone in thinking that Kirsten Dunst's style doesn't get enough air time? Since her Virgin Suicides days, the actress has rarely put a foot wrong on the red carpet but never plays it too safe, often taking risks with bold prints and unexpected shapes. And over the years, she’s carved herself a niche as the best possible advert for the ethereal designs of Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the sister act behind Rodarte. If you’ve seen photos of Kirsten at a film premiere, up-scale party or even off-duty, there’s a high likelihood that she’s wearing the LA label: we’d even go as far to venture that, just like Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy, this is a starlet-designer partnership for the ages.

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Her long-standing creative collaboration with Kate and Laura has found itself a new outlet in the form of Woodshock, the film that will mark the Rodarte duo’s directorial debut and that (naturally) takes Kirsten as its leading lady: while her friends join the designer-director club that famously includes Tom Ford, the 35-year-old actress plays a grief-stricken cannabis dealer. And happily, a list of promotional appearances for the film means a whole host of Kirsten-in-Rodarte moments.

Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of Woodshock

The first of these moments came last night, when Kirsten took to the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival with her two directors for the premiere of Woodshock, and the gown in question neatly ticked off three standout trends. First up? The still-ubiquitous millennial pink, a trend which we’re pretty sure Kirsten – via her work with Sofia Coppola – had a hand in creating. Then there’s the polka dots, a print that has been appearing ever more frequently in our Instagram feeds, and finally tiered mille-feuille ruffles. Despite being the sartorial equivalent of a timely three-for-one, it still feels classic, too. Three cheers for Kirsten, Kate and Laura…

Kirsten with the Mulleavy sisters

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