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Which Was The Sheerest Of Them All? Look Back At Flesh-Flashing On The Red Carpet

Look Back At Flesh-Flashing On The Red Carpet

If you've been anywhere near the internet this morning, you will have seen that last night there was a whole lot of flesh-flashing at the VMAs. So is this the sheerest red carpet of them all?

The motto 'take one thing off before you leave the house,' has been taken to the extreme by many A Listers of late. We're not just talking about whipping off a bangle. 'A nude slip?' 'Don't be so prude.' 'Bra?' 'Not necessary.' 'Pants?' 'A thong will do.' We have delved into the archives to dig up some of the sheerest dresses to ever hit the red carpet.

Kate Moss is the queen of the sheers (and the nips), as in 1993 the model arrived at a London party in a now iconic sheer silver slip dress, worn with nothing but low-rise black knickers and a cigarette. You can blame Kate Moss for everything followed.

It's not just the Lady Gagas of this world who flash the flesh on the red carpet. The likes of Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Lawrence have all done the see-through thing at one point or other. It's not just the MTV Awards and Grammys where stars strip off - Gwyneth Paltrow went to the OSCARS in 2002 in a sheer Alexander McQueen dress sans bra.

Wearing a sheer dress can (surprise, surprise) be a bit of a chore. As Jennifer Lawrence said of her see-through blue Christian Dior gown: 'I think any time a girl has to show her thighs, it's never going to be her favorite look. I loved it, I loved the dress -- if someone else wore it,' she said. 'It's hard for any woman to look at a picture of herself and [like it].' We hear ya, J-Law.

Take a look at stars wearing sheer dresses in the gallery below...

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