Kim Kardashian’s Naked Selfie Has Sparked A Surprising New Trend

Surprise, surprise, Kim Kardashian’s naked Instagram story isn’t going away. In a world where things move fast, it seems like the world has collectively been debating the potential social/political/emotional ramifications of said naked selfie for the last few weeks. In fact, it has only been four days.

Turns out, we’ve been looking at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram picture all wrong. Forget her body, forget the reasoning behind it, forget the backdrop, for it is all about the Photoshopped black box bandeau, the secret star of Instagram.

Fashion e-tailer Lyst have reported that since Kim’s image was uploaded, they have seen a 406% surge in searches from shoppers looking for ‘black bandeau’ tops on their website, even though Kim wasn’t wearing one. She wasn’t wearing anything. That is the commercial power of Kim Kardashian.

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Kim aside, black bandeaus are a perennial fashion staple, perfect for wearing under an oversized shirt, or to peek through a drop-arm t-shirt. Here are our favourite timeless black bandeaus…

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