We're Not Sure How We Feel About Hillary Clinton's Wedding Kaftan

We were pretty certain that we had Hillary Clinton's signature style pegged down. After all, the former presidential hopeful made the pant suit her go-to look throughout her 2016 campaign, with endless think pieces dedicated to how she had reinvented the look for woke feminists.

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This week however she made the case for an entirely new look: the formal kaftan. Stepping out for the wedding of campaign supporter Marc Lasry's daugher Sophie and her hedge funder fiance Alex Swieca in New York, the former First Lady was pictured wearing a pale blue kaftan. (Side note: also in attendance was Donald Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany - we'd love to have been a fly on the wall if these two had locked eyes across the dance floor).

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While you might think that the voluminous dress is usually restricted to beachwear, it is garment that is reserved for royalty in some cultures (Queen Hillary, anyone?) and originated as a formal garment worn as a dress coat. Indeed, in the 1950s, Dior and Balenciaga introduced kaftans into their eveningwear collections, while American hippie culture in the 1970s popularised the item thanks to the movement's love of Moroccan culture. The kaftan's biggest moment perhaps came in 1975, when Elizabeth Taylor wore one for her second wedding to Richard Burton.

But anyway, we digress. Of course, we've seen Hillary in a dress before during her years attending glamorous black tie events as the First Lady to then-president Bill Clinton, but it's certainly been a while since we've seen her without her trusty pant suit. Are we on board with the new, floatier, funner Hillary? The jury's still out. But we're glad she's happy, nonetheless.

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