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Picture Of Health! 17 Aspirational Instagrams You Need To Follow

Here at Grazia HQ, we’re all about health and happiness. Our Instagram feed is full of inspirational quotes, food bloggers, yogis and more…

From bungee jumping and mountain yoga to desert hikes and a dip in the pool, here are our top aspirational Instagrams you need to follow...

Solid and Striped

The last backbridge we did was in the primary school gym… Not quite as cool as this.

Grace and Thorn:

A new chandelier is in order after seeing luxe florist’s installation at the Town Hall Hotel. Inspo just in time for the Chelsea Flower Show.


The thought of hiking in a desert doesn’t seem too appealing, but Sporteluxe founder Bianca Cheah makes it look rather peaceful.

Hayden Quinn:

An Instagram feed isn’t complete without food porn. Well, Aussies do do BBQ’s best. (Might we add he’s not too bad to look at either. Two types of dishy.)

The Colorrun:

Who said working out had to be boring? Look at all these happy people running. This could be you!

Amanda Bisk:

Yogi Queen gives us major envy with her tanned and toned bod, not to mention her poses in unusual spots.

Jay Alvarrez:

Extreme sports or just plain crazy? Either way, Jay Alvarrez makes it look dead cool.

Alexis Ren:

And again...

Alexis Ren X2 (Why Not?):

Cali babe Alexis Ren travelling the world in style. TFL: take note.

Tash Oakley:

Tash Oakley: (We can't get enough...)

We certainly don’t look as tanned and sparkly in the pool as Monday Swimwear designer, Tash Oakley.

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Toni Mahfud:

Artist, fitness enthusiast, dog lover and all-round dreamy... We’d like to go on a romantic bike ride with Toni.

My Bliss Ktchn:

We never thought we’d find a better frozen treat than Magnums until we discovered Watermelon pops drizzled with dark chocolate…

Adriene Mishler:

Yogi queen of YouTube Adriene Mishler has over 1.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene, and her Instagram makes us want to roll out our yoga mats immediately...

Mimi Elashiry:

Mimi Elashiry: (Again, obviously...)

Aussie model and dancer Mimi Elashiry lives out our dreams on Instagram, and even makes England look like paradise...

Best Of Vegan:

Vegan dishes have never looked so colourful and delicious.

Gilles Souteyrand:

Gilles Souteyrand with Tash Oakley:

Model, personal trainer, and other half of model and Instagram queen, Tash Oakley, visits some of the most beautiful holiday destinations. The two of them together are 'couple goals'.

Tammy Hembrow:

Fitness fanatic and mother of two Tammy Hembrow makes our jaws drop with pictures of her toned bod and her healthy babies. We're in awe...

Nude Yoga Girl: This Instagram shows beautiful and inspiring yoga poses that make us want to get flexible...

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