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Best Gym Classes For Marathon Runners

Because it’s not just about running…

Running a marathon is a difficult undertaking for any athlete, putting your body to its absolute limits for a period of several hours. While getting into a good training ritual for a few months before hand is key – increasing your distance gradually and improving on your speed – there are other exercises that you can do which will help prepare your body on the day and put you on the right path for a solid performance. Here are some of the best in London right now.

HIIT at Another_Space

High-intensity interval training has long been cited as one of the best ways to improve your overall strength and fitness – particularly for athletes. This involves short bursts of activity that get your heart pumping fast followed by a short (often active) recovery period. One of our favourite HIIT classes in London takes place at boutique gym, Another_Space. Combining boxing technique with floor exercises, including lifting sandbags, doing squats and burpees, these 35 or 45-minute classes are perfect for strengthening your core – an essential for marathon runners as it improves your running posture and speed and also helps to prevent injury.

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Hot Yoga at Fierce Grace

Gone are the days when yoga was seen as the easy option when it comes to exercise, with the benefits of knowing how to breathe properly, as well as stretch our tired limbs, widely acknowledged. Not only does it reduce stress, but it can also improve running times by helping with your flexibility in the areas that matter – namely the core, quads, hip flexors and hamstrings. Get some headspace at Fierce Grace’s hot yoga class – one of the most popular in London. Don’t expect it to be a walk in the park though – we’ve got it on good authority that some of our ultimate yogi friends found it tough the first time round.

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Reshape at 1Rebel

Another high-intensity class, Reshape at 1Rebel has built upon the winning formula established by celebrity favourite Barry’s Bootcamp, with half of the class starting on the treadmills while the other lift weights and do other floor exercises nearby. Swapping ‘station’ between the treadmills and the floor every 5 minutes or so, this is an intense, difficult class, with sweat pouring and even the most experienced gym buffs struggling. Once you’ve made it to the end of the class though the feeling is akin to euphoria – one that’s undeniably similar to that of crossing the finish line in a marathon.

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Spinning at Pscyle

Low impact so that it doesn’t affect your joints before the big race, the benefits of indoor cycling have long been touted to runners. One of our favourite spin studios in London, Psycle, is particularly great for motivating you – something that might help when it comes to the big day. Incorporating sprints, inclines and endurance training, as well as weights, this is a great all-round class that will leave you brimming with energy.

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Reformer Pilates at Ten

Strengthening your glutes is really important for marathon runners, as this helps stabilise your pelvis and prevent some of the most common running injuries involving your knees. It's also great for posture and strengthening your spine - another key thing for running. Ten's classes focus on both of these areas, using the latest reformer machines and with different class levels to suit everyone.

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