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5 Steps To Take If You're Ready To Change Your Life

Once you've recognised the 'signs' for 'yes, I need a change,' that begs the question - what next? I know first hand that when it comes to making positive changes in life, there are many reasons why things might not always go to plan. But following your heart, going after your passion and your purpose is what we all want: the key to success is knowing how to make these changes last.

If you make too big a change without taking the time to process and evaluate then you run the risk of failure. Not only will this of course set you right back to where you started, but it can also de-motivate you in general - potentially leaving you feeling low and prone to unhealthy behaviours (think emotional eating, depression and overall low energy - which we clearly do not want).

So, how can you make change that will be long-lasting and impact your life in a positive way?

1. Recognise and remove your excuses

There are always going to be reasons not to embrace positive change and similarly there are always going to be reasons why these excuses shouldn’t hold you back.

If you know that there is something that you need to change about yourself or your life, but have managed to talk yourself out of it so far, then the time has surely come to address these reasons. Ask yourself why you are making these excuses and if you are really going to let them stand in the way of improving your happiness and changing your life: What is causing my life to be more difficult than it should? And what decisions do I need to make now to get a different result?

2. Set a huge intention

An intention is not ‘making a wish’. An intention is a decision and commitment to bring something you want into your life. I know this sounds a bit formal, but set a date. For example, ‘I am going to write that book I’ve always wanted to’ or ‘I am going to quit my job and do something that I love - my passion’. As humans, we do very well with structure and a time-sensitive intention can and will lead to better results.

3. Accept the help available to you

Asking for a help is not a sign of weakness and it is generally easier to resolve an issue when you have some support. The same is true of implementing lasting change. Making your friends and family aware of any new differences in your life will help you to stick to your guns.

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Let those around you know that you appreciate their support and their encouragement when it comes to particular things. Find a friend or family member that will motivate you and keep you on your path. Check in weekly with this friend and update them on your progress towards achieving your goals and dreams.

4. Take risks - especially the ones that you think you shouldn’t

Start by thinking about the biggest risks you need to take in order to make these changes happen. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Remember risks are outside of your comfort zone but in order to make those changes, we need to take those risks. Use your imagination. Life changes are all about living out our passions or highest purpose and so starting today, commit to a plan of action that you make happen this year.

5. Act as if your intention is real

Start by cultivating the qualities you need to to build your dreams, your goals. Be your intention. There are countless benefits from every positive change that you can make. Having as many facts around your intention as possible can give you countless reasons to stick to these changes for the long-term. Ask yourself: what qualities do you need to accomplish the changes? How do you need to grow in order to achieve your goals and dreams?

The life you want to live is within your reach and will become apparent to you as soon as you actually make the solid decision to go ahead and live it. The secret is that you need to become that person now, not tomorrow. Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

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