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Khloe Kardashian On Her "Revenge Body" And Being Kanye's "Body Muse"

Khloe Kardashian On Her "Revenge Body"

Khloe Kardashian is all about fitness these days - anyone who has seen her gym selfies and insane fitness closet will attest to that. And she's opened up about her workout regime - calling her new sculpted physique her "revenge body".

She told Women's Health that she's been working out since 2012, when her relationship with ex-husband Lamar Odom started to unravel.

“I was having a hard time with Lamar. It was toward the end of our union, and there was so much drama,” she said. “I needed a release.”

Although she admits her foray into fitness was "so hard" at first - and she "actually felt fatter" because she was so swollen from her intense sessions with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson.

But now, she's showing off her body to silence her critics: “If you keep going, you’re eventually like, ‘Wow, is that an indentation on my arm? Yeah, it’s a revenge body. But it’s just as much for all my critics who called me ‘the fat one’ for my entire existence.”

Women's Health
She also revealed her brother-in-law Kanye West gave her a confidence boost by calling her his 'body muse' for his fashion line.

"Kanye was like, ‘I want you to come and be a fit model."And I was like, ‘Did you mean to call Kylie [Jenner]?' And he was like, ‘No, I'm calling you. Your body vibes are my influence this year.'"

Despite her tough workouts, Khloe still indulges in her favourite food.

“I love treating myself, I’m a foodie,” she added. “If I could control what I eat, I would have the best body ever. But because I have no self-control, and I don’t really care to have it, I have to work harder. I would rather work out harder and eat what I want, in moderation.”

But she said she wasn't going to pig out like her younger half-sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

"I'm not going to put on a bikini, sit on the floor with my legs crossed, and eat a burger."

"When I see my little sisters do that, I'm like, ‘Ugh, these b**ches.' I know they're not doing it on purpose. This is how they really eat and it's so annoying."

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