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SBC Founder Russell Bateman On Training The Next Generation Of Female Icons

SBC Founder Russell Bateman On Training The Next Generation Of Female Icons

If you follow the likes of Daisy Lowe, Suki Waterhouse and Millie Mackintosh on Instagram you've probably spotted them posting about their training sessions with The SBC Collective.

We're big fans of the brand favoured by Brit supermodels and fitness fanatics alike and founded by Russell Bateman, who has previously offered up his wise words for Grazia Daily on updating New Year attitudes and working out for the red carpet.

Having been to SBC workshops in London, we know that they're pretty popular, which is why it's great that prospective clients can now get online training through the SBC website. So that's A-list abs without leaving the house. We're sold!

Grazia Daily: What is SBC in a nutshell?

Russell Bateman: SBC is quite simply the most talked about training and wellness project for women right now. Preaching sex, sleep and squatting and fusing newwave strength and metabolic conditioning with signature SBC Primal movements. An elite crop of British supermodels - Suki Waterhouse, Daisy Lowe amongst others - swear by it and are training alongside the next generation of female icons. These are women training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition.

Grazia Daily: Tell us about your background and philosophy…

Russell Bateman: Having Coached athletes and trained alongside some top health professionals, I designed a training regime through a collective, which is aimed specifically at promoting empowering strong women through reeducating them on the misconceptions around fitness and wellness.

Grazia Daily: What's the most common reason clients come to see you?

Russell Bateman: A lot of girls see hear about it through friends and want to come and experience SBC - the movements and the atmosphere. The problem is at the moment I can't clone myself so I don't have time to see all the people who want to see me. I'm very humbled. I developed online coaching for people who aren't in London so they could get a slice of SBC at home.

Grazia Daily: If we only had 10 minutes to exercise a day, what should we do?

Russell Bateman: Have sex OR jump, squat, crawl or sprint.

Grazia Daily: Your approach is holistic – how do you connect training with diet and wellbeing?

Russell Bateman: The two are completely interlinked and complement each other entirely. If one element is out of sync with the other you can't expect to reach your maximum body potential. If you're training hard in the gym, put the same effort into eating the right foods and cutting out bad habits. Choreograph your training and nutrition so they would win a ballroom dancing competition!

Grazia Daily: Describe a sample day's menu you would recommend to a client…

Russell Bateman: Average breakfast would be: meat or fish with a few nuts and some quinoa.

Lunch would be lean meat and sweet potato. Some broccoli, too.

Dinner: poached eggs, spinach and sweet potato.

Rotation of protein, fibrous carbs and healthy fat content is vital. These set your body up for all things fat loss and upgrade your day, increasing mood and neural drive.

Grazia Daily: This year has seen a huge drive in the media to persuade people to kick sugar – what are your top tips for giving up?

Russell Bateman: You should buy a cupcake, walk out the shop and throw it away. I based this technique on an attempt to build willpower because at the end of the day it's all down to that. Sugar, gluten, dairy and wheat are cut from our online SBC meal template. Priorities dictate your choices and if you approach anything with that in mind you'll improve as a human. The only sugar I want in a client's life is a sugar daddy!

Grazia Daily: We love following you on social media, has it been an important part of your growth as a business?

Russell Bateman: Yes, some of the girls I train have a huge following (Millie Mackintosh, Daisy Lowe, Suki Waterhouse) and by posting a video of them training with me I realise that can have an incredible influence on thousands of lives for the better. We are passionate about getting women away from negative styles of exercise like long haul cardio and repetitive boring classes. Boredom is the enemy. SBC embraces animalistic movements spliced with strength training and mixing up your training is vital. Our Online videos include some of our signature movements, they are tough but your body MUST be challenged. We were born to crawl, jump, push and pull. It's all about getting back to human and Making these primal movements as challenging as possible to illicit the greatest metabolic and strength responses.

Grazia Daily: You have some of the coolest girls of the moment as clients, do you feel more pressure to get results when you know they will be on the big screen / catwalk?

Russell Bateman: Everyone is treated the same regardless. You come in and give 100% in every way. You will arrive looking pretty and leave looking like you've been to a 24 hour rave. thats the way it should always be. It's not about chatting or flattering egos it's about hard work and intensity. I love that.

Millie Mackintosh and Suki Waterhouse - Russell Bateman / Instagram

Grazia Daily: You have a HUGE waiting list – will there be more opportunities for people to get involved?

Russell Bateman: Yes, a class is starting on Wednesdays at 7am. I still have a backlog of people wanting to train so more pop ups will be happening too.

Grazia Daily: How does online coaching work?

Russell Bateman: The SBC nutritional and training package includes exclusive SBC video tutorials and an amazing nutritional protocol to be rotated over 5 weeks. I'm so proud of the videos and they really capture the essence of our methodology. All the moves can be performed in the home, too. It's geared to help you realise your genetic potential and feel great inside and out.

Grazia Daily: Finally, what's your top SBC rule…?

Russell Bateman: Look at your relationships, look at your job, look at your mindset and commit yourself to eliminating anything that isn't improving the quality of your life.

For more, check out thesbccollective.com and instagram.com/russellsbc.

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