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Yoga Might Not Count As Exercise

That’s our Tuesday nights in the Church hall wasted…

According to a new review published in the Medicine & Science Sports & Exercise journal, yoga might not be as beneficial for your health as you think.

Findings taken from 27 previous studies on yoga indicate that the exercise does not meet the requirements set by The Centres For Disease Control and Prevention, which recommend exercise of a ‘moderate intensity’ in order to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

According to the report, yoga can only be considered as a ‘light intensity’ regime and this in turn renders you as an ‘inactive’ person.

To help put this information into perspective, other ‘light intensity’ exercises include standing, walking and lifting light objects. We're no longer as bothered that we could never quite perfect downward dog...

However, before making any rash decisions it’s important to note that the research was only conducted into hatha yoga. Other forms of the exercise including hot yoga and vinyasa, involve higher levels of cardio (and sweat-producing temperatures), so may still be in the running to be considered as more ‘high intensity’ regimes.

So hopefully no need to roll up that yoga mat just yet…

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